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Chumba Casino review. Chumba Casino was established in 2017 by Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW) Malta Ltd, a member of VGW Group. VGW Malta Ltd currently processes the payments made to the casino and develops its gaming software.

The casino, for now, serves only players in Canada and the United States but intends to expand to other parts of the world so it can become a global casino.

Nevertheless, the casino has more than four hundred (400) staff stationed in different parts of the world.

Chumba Casino games and sweepstakes promotions are developed and operated by VGW Games Ltd, which is approved and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under the license number MGA/B2C/188/2010.

This license was issued on August 14, 2017. Chumba Casino has several exciting unique casino games and promotions made available for its customers.

From this review, you will find all you need to know about the bookie’s players’ eligibility requirements, privacy policy, banking methods, games, promotions, dos and don’ts, customer service, customer reviews, and many more.

Before You Open that Account

Before you go ahead to create a customer account with the bookie, you need to bear the following in mind:

  • The bookie does not accept players outside the approved jurisdiction. It will also not allow you to view all the features on its website if you live in an excluded jurisdiction.
  • The bookie discourages the use of VPN to mask locations or to assume another one. 
  • You must accept the bookie’s terms and conditions before you can register an account with them. For this, make sure you read the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” pages thoroughly before you continue. 
  • The bookie has the right to close your account when it feels your actions are going against its terms and conditions. They will not contact you before doing this.
  • Do not register with the bookie if you have an issue with any of the terms in its “Terms and Conditions” or “Privacy Policy”.
  • You are free to close your account anytime you want to and for any reason whatsoever.
  • The casino may decide not to approve your account opening request for reasons solely known to them. In other words, you may meet all the eligibility requirements and still not be able to own a customer account with the bookie.
  • The bookie does not give warranty for customers’ satisfaction for using their gaming software.
  • Games are to be played in Chumba Casino for recreational and entertainment purposes. 
  • You are allowed to own only one account with the bookie.
  • You should be ready to keep your customer account active because the bookie deactivates any account it deems inactive.
  • The bookie will hold you responsible for any irregularities that happen through your account. Hence, you have to avoid third parties playing with your devices or account.
  • In the case of re-opening a closed account, the affected customer is to send the request to customer service.
  • If the bookie is sold to another organisation or individual, your account will be among the sold assets.

The Casino’s Dos and Don’ts

The following are things you should not do while using the bookie’s website or playing its games. Doing any of these will lead to the closure of your account:

1. You are not to reproduce or sell any of the merchandise Chumba Casino provides to you.

2. Never use VPN to play because you live in an excluded jurisdiction. You will be discovered.

3. Don’t create a second or third account with the bookie for any reason whatsoever. If you wish to change your name (especially your surname), email address, or residential address, contact customer service to have that sorted out.

If you have opened another account before seeing this warning, contact customer service immediately before your accounts are all deactivated.

Note that the inactivity of your account is not a reason to open another customer account. Consider reactivating your account instead.

4. Do not share your login details – username and password – with anyone.

5. Never provide the bookie with false, incomplete, inaccurate, and manipulated information about you. They will close your account when they discover these.

6. Avoid any form of fraudulent conduct while playing with the bookie’s software. You can see the list of fraudulent conducts in section 11 (“Fraudulent Conduct”) of the bookie’s “Terms and Conditions”.

The bookie suspends accounts of those suspected to commit fraudulent acts and will prevent them from accessing the platform.

7. Never play games on behalf of another person.

8. You should never copy, edit, duplicate, and/or distribute any of Chumba Casino’s intellectual properties. These include logos, images, gaming software, and so on.

9. Do not post false, defamatory, misleading, or deceptive comments about the bookie, its employees, players, agents, and/or officers on social media pages.

10. Never harass or threaten any of Chumba Casino’s staff.

11. Avoid offensive behaviours such as making abusive, defamatory, derogatory, and racist statements. You should also avoid posting pornographic and sexually explicit messages and comments on any of the bookie’s platforms.

Chumba Casino Sister Sites

There are so many other popular and legitimate online casino sites like Chumba Casino. They are known as Chumba Casino sister sites.

The reason they are called Chumba Casino sister casinos is that they have similar gaming software, features and management.

Below are Chumba Casino sister sites:

Player’s Eligibility Requirement

Now, you are going to find out whether you are eligible to open an account with the bookie or not. To find out more about this, check the bookie’s “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Responsible Social Gaming” pages.

1. First of all, you must reside in the United States of America, Hawaii, and Canada before you can create a customer account with the bookie.

However, if you are in Washington (the United States) or Quebec (Canada), you are not eligible to play games with the bookie’s software.

Contact the bookie’s customer service for information on what you should do if you travel to an excluded jurisdiction for a short stay.

2. You have to be at least 18 years old before you can create a customer account with the bookie.

3. If you are living in Estonia, you should be at least 21 years old before you are eligible to open a casino account with the bookie.

4. If the legal age of maturity in your jurisdiction is higher than 18 or 21 years of age, ensure that you are up to that legal age of maturity in your jurisdiction before creating a casino account with the bookie.

Note that ignoring this requirement will result in the termination or suspension of your account when the bookie finds out.

5. The bookie does not admit players that engage in any form of illegality or attempt to buy Gold Coins with money earned from ill-gotten means.

In other words, you must have a legitimate source of income before you can register with the bookie or you will risk unannounced account deactivation.

6. Chumba Casino has no room for players that engage in fraudulent activities while playing with its gaming software. This includes the use of bots.

7. Employees of VGW Group and the members of their immediate families are not eligible to open accounts with the bookie and/or play games with its software.

8. Employees of VGW Groups affiliates, subsidiaries, and other third-party companies that work for the bookie are also not eligible to register for its casino account and/or play its games.

Members of the immediate families of these people are also considered ineligible.

9. People who share the same residential spaces, for a minimum of three months each year, with employees of VGW Group, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and third-party partners are not eligible to open a customer account with Chumba Casino or play games with its gaming software.

If you had shared residence with such persons recently, contact the bookie’s customer service team to find out when you will become eligible to open a customer account with them.

10. The sub-license given by Chumba Casino to its customers to use its software for playing games is for private use only. As a result, customers are not to share their accounts with others. Those that do so are deemed ineligible.

11. As a customer, you are solely responsible for protecting your login details.

12. The bookie has zero-tolerance for rude customers; it suspends the accounts of such players.

13. The bookie does not accept addict gamblers. 

14. You must be competent with the use of the English language to be able to enjoy the benefits of the casino.

The bookie’s languages of operation are English and Spanish but the English version of its “Terms and Conditions” is considered the most appropriate and binding version. 

Nevertheless, you can request the “Terms and Conditions” written in other languages for better comprehension.

15. You must own a telephone and/or be a telephone subscriber before you can register and play with the bookie’s gaming software.

16. Those receiving or suffering from any form of addiction are not eligible to create customer accounts with Chumba Casino or play its games.

Chumba Casino’s Privacy Policy

In this section, you will find out the information Chumba Casino collects from customers, how they collect them, what they do with them, and how secure customers’ information is with them.

You will also find out your rights over your information with the bookie in this section. Note that this Privacy Policy was updated on 16 June 2020.

However, the bookie can update the policy every now and then. It is, therefore, your duty to continue checking the “Privacy Policy” pages to know there are new changes.

The Information the Bookie Collects from Customers

The bookie collects:

1. Contact information such as your name, residential or business address, email address, postal address, and phone number.

2. Personal information such as age, image, age range, and gender of a customer.

3. Casino account login details such as user name, password, and profile picture.

4. Transaction information such as banking and financial details, bank account statements, credit card details, phone number, and postal address.

5. Customers’ activities on the bookie’s website. This includes the content customers viewed at the website, the time they visited the website, and how long they stayed.

Others are the frequency of each customer’s visit to the website, customers’ preferences, how they heard about the bookie, and their interactions with the contents of the website.

6. Information provided about customers by other platforms and websites, and third party companies working with the bookie.

7. Information about customers’ devices such as IP address, browser type, operating system version, device type, hardware model, and other device identifiers.

8. Customers’ social security number.

9. Any other relevant information provided through live chat, email, text messages, posts, and so on.

10. Information on customers’ location as provided by customers’ devices, mobile providers, and IP addresses.

NB: Kindly note that some of the above-mentioned information is also collected from guests that visited the bookie’s website.

How the Information Are Collected

1. Transactional information can be collected when players contact customer service, request redemptions, or make purchases.

2. Information about customers’ activities on the bookie’s website is collected when they visit the website or make use of its applications in third-party websites and/or platforms.

Note that the bookie uses cookies, pixels, application program interfaces (API), tags, and flash cookies to collect information about visits and activities taking place on its website.

3. Personal, contact, and transaction information can be collected when customers fill out forms, participate in surveys, create a customer account, and purchase products on the website.

4. Analytics tools are used for collecting information on customers’ activities on the website, the location, device type, time, and duration of visit to the website.

5. Information on customers is also collected from external sources during the verification process.

Why the Information Are Collected

1. The information collected is used for marketing communication by the bookie and VGW Group. This service is only applicable to customers that subscribed for it.

2. Social security numbers are collected for tax payment compliance and other legal purposes. The information is only collected when required by the law.

3. The collected information is used to provide customers with the best of the services they need.

4. The information helps in the provision of support to customers.

5. They help the bookie to personalise customers’ experiences.

6. They are used by the bookie to reach their customers when they want to deliver direct messages.

7. The information is used to monitor customers’ responsible gambling status.

8. They are used to prevent, detect, and investigate the violation and potential violation of the bookie’s Terms and Conditions.

9. They are also collected in order to comply with the legal demands of the regulatory body.

10.    They are used for proper account keeping by the bookie.

11. They are used in the prevention, investigation, and detection of fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering.

How Secured the Collected Information Are

1. The bookie claims that the way it protects customers’ privacy goes in line with that of related and applicable data protection and privacy laws.

2. All the members of VGW Group may access the information the bookie has about its customers.

Note that VGW Group is the Data Controller in this case. It collects processes, and stores customers’ information.

3. The bookie can provide information about its customers to the third-party companies that partner with them.

4. Customers’ information collected and stored by the bookie can be released, in case of a lawful request by a court of law, to law enforcement for investigation purposes or for proceedings in a law court.

5. The bookie did not state how exactly they protect customers’ information and activities on its website and platforms from prying eyes and intrusion. You may have to contact its customer service team for such information.

6. Since VGW Group, which operates in many countries and jurisdictions, is the Data Controller, information collected about customers may be shared with the members of the Group as well as with the third party companies in all the countries and jurisdictions they operate.

Hence, your data may be found in the United States, the European Union, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and so on.

Customers’ Rights over their Information

1. Any content – information, images, videos, profiles, music, comments, messages, etc. – you post on a social media page or website controlled and operated by any member of the VGW Group can be used by the bookie and other members of the Group without paying royalties to you.

Hence, once you upload or publish the content, you have given the bookie the right to use it as it deems fit.

2. You have the right to view the personal information the bookie has collected about you.

3. You can object to the bookie processing your data.

4. You have the right to withdraw any consent given to the bookie.

5. You can ask the bookie to delete the personal information it has about you.

6. You can complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the way the bookie processes your personal information.

7. You can decide to opt out of the direct advertisement list by unsubscribing from the service.

More Details about Chumba Casino’s Privacy Policy

1. VGW Malta and VGW Group are not responsible for any information provided, transaction, or activities conducted on a third party website you found on Chumba Casino’s website or platform.

2. Beware of the information you supply to third party websites you find on Chumba Casino’s website because some of them may be there for fraudulent purposes.

3. Remember to read the terms and conditions attached to each of these third-party websites you want to register with before doing so.

4. The bookie and VGW Group retain customers’ information for as long as they need them.

5. Kindly note that the casino’s website does not acknowledge the “do-not-track” signal sent to it by your web browser or mobile operating system.

Chumba Casino’s Games

Chumba Casino has a lot of unique games for its customers. These games are developed and operated internally by the bookie’s game developers.

This explains why the games are unique. Chumba Casino has more than eighty (80) games and it adds new ones every now and then.

The casino games you can play in the bookie are slots, table games (including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker), and video poker.

There are also games that fall under the progressive jackpots. Nevertheless, you cannot access any of these games if you are not visiting the website from an approved jurisdiction.

Playing Games with the Bookie’s Software

This section will reveal some of the things you need to know about Chumba Casino’s gaming software, including the terms and conditions applied to them. 

1. Chumba Casino’s gaming software has versions that can be played with a PC, Mac, and Mobile phone. There is no version that can be downloaded and installed on players’ devices.

The games can only be played on the bookie’s website. However, the bookie did not specify the basic requirements the devices must have before they can be used to play the games.

2. Players cannot play any of the games with real money. The games are, usually, played for entertainment and recreational purposes, not to win money. However, winnings made from games played with Sweep Coins can be cashed out.

3. Players must have enough Gold Coins or Sweep Coins (Sweep Coins if you are playing sweepstakes) balance before they can play games with the bookie’s gaming software.

4. The bookie can declare a game or participation in a game void if there is a technical error in the win-table, gaming software, odds, pay-table, and maximum or minimum stakes.

5. A game can also be voided if the bookie suspects errors, misprints, or mistakes.

6. If there is a dispute or discrepancy as a result of winnings, the verdict of the bookie is final and binding.

7. Players can request exclusion from games. They can also contact customer service if they want to take time off from games.

This policy is put in place to help customers that wish to avoid addiction. For more details concerning this, check the bookie’s “Responsible Social Gaming Policy” page.

8. Chumba Casino and its mother company, VGW Group, are not liable for any malfunction that happens while customers play games with the bookie’s gaming software.

If the malfunction happens while a game is being played, the gameplay will be voided and the value of the Gold Coins or Sweep Coins used to play it will be returned to the customer’s account.

However, if the malfunction happened as a result of technical disturbance, severe disruption, or political disturbance, the casino will not be held liable and so refunds will not be made.

This means that in the case of an internet disconnection, you may not be able to continue from where you stopped earlier when the connection is restored.

9. The bookie can remove a game when there is a need to correct some technical problems.

10. Customers’ accounts are deactivated if they play games with systems that give them unfair advantages.

Chumba Casino Banking Methods

In this section, you will learn about the bookie’s policies on deposits and withdrawals are as well as the terms and conditions guiding the verification exercise.

Deposits and Withdrawals

1. Payments made to the bookie are processed internally by VGW Malta ltd.

2. The bookie uses a virtual currency known as Gold Coins for its transactions with players. This is the currency customers have to purchase from the bookie before they can play games in the Gold Coin mode.

3. Gold Coins cannot be redeemed as real money. It also cannot be transferred or traded between players. They are only used for playing games.

4. Gold Coins can never be withdrawn as cash prizes. It is only Sweep Coins that can be redeemed.

5. Cash prizes can only be withdrawn and paid into a bank account owned by the affected customer. The bookie does not make payments to accounts that are not registered in customers’ names.

6. Cash prizes are processed and paid into customers’ bank account within ten days. The number of days can be extended if payment exceeds $10,000.

7. Unlike in many online casinos, Chumba Casino does not allow customers to deposit money directly into their accounts. They have to buy Gold Coins from the bookie.

8. Customers cannot purchase Gold Coins from corporate or business accounts. Gold Coin purchases can only be made from personal accounts registered in customers’ names.

Purchasing from a third party account or any of your accounts that does not bear the name you have in the casino’s customer account will lead to the suspension of your account with the casino.

9. Any Gold Coin purchases made from Washington is voided and refunded. But, before this refund is made, the bookie deducts the administrative fee and any other charges applicable to the purchase.

10. If you fail to make any transactions within your Chuma Casino customer account for thirty (30) consecutive months, the balance in your account will be paid into the bank account you provided for withdrawal.

If the bookie cannot locate you or your bank account, the value of the prize will be remitted to Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

11. If you want to buy Gold Coins, simply click on the “Make Payment” button on your customer account.

12. The bookie, sometimes, gives minimum or maximum Gold Coins purchasing limits to customers. This is done at its sole discretion.

13. Buying Gold Coins is equivalent to buying a licence to play games and, so, they have no monetary value. Because of this, the money customers used to buy Gold Coins is not refunded.

14. Once you submit Gold Coins for a play, and they are accepted, you cannot withdraw, change, or cancel them.

15. If the bank account submitted by a customer is a joint account, all the holders of the joint account must pass through the verification exercise and meet the eligibility requirements, including age, before the bookie approves the use of the bank account. 

16. Gold Coins can only be purchased with USD.

17. Withdrawals of cash prizes are also done in USD.

18. The bookie did not mention any approved minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit amounts.

19. The bookie can pay prizes as cash, which is paid into customers’ bank account within ten business days, or as gift cards, which are allocated to the email address customers’ registered with.


a. The bookie did not specify the approved payment medium for purchasing Gold Coins and withdrawing cash prizes. Contact customer service for this.

b. Customers are responsible for paying taxes accrued from their winnings.

Verification Exercise

1. Every customer must pass through a verification exercise in order to enjoy all the services and products provided by the bookie.

2. You must carry out the first stage of the verification exercise before you are allowed to purchase Gold Coins. The first stage of the exercise is the submission of personal identity information.

3. The casino will verify the authenticity of the information, including personal, it collected from customers. However, they notify customers before verifying their information from external sources.

4. Customers are expected to submit the documents required for verification within the specified time or they will not be allowed to play games or redeem Sweep Coins.

5. The bookie also verifies the bank accounts provided by customers to be sure they are the owners. Bank accounts must be registered in the name of concerned customers.

6. The documents the bookie requires for verification exercises are:

i. Recent and valid government-issued identity card, passport, or driver’s license. Any of this must be submitted for the verification of customers’ personal identity.

ii. Customer’s photograph or real-time selfie. This is used to verify how current and valid the document submitted for personal identity is.

iii. Utility bill, bank statement, or letter from a government authority sent to the customer’s current address. This is used as proof of address when the submitted document for identity check does not contain the customer’s address.

It is also needed in cases of discrepancies between the address in the submitted document and the one on the casino’s account. The document submitted for this purpose should not be older than six months.

iv. A copy of the bank statement. This is used to verify customers’ account ownership.

7. Verification of documents can be completed within five days if all the documents are provided.

Chumba Casino’s Promotions and Bonuses

Chumba Casino has a lot of promotions, competitions, and contests for its customers. But the commonest of them are the sweepstakes giveaways and the Sweep Coins.


Sweepstakes in Chumba Casino is used to promote the sale of Gold Coins. However, you do not have to buy Gold Coins to receive a sweepstakes giveaway from the bookie.

This is because, they usually give out sweepstakes as Sweep Coins, which will be used to play Sweep Coin games to win prizes. It is the prizes won through the Sweep Coin games that can be cashed out.

Terms and conditions that guide Chumba Casino’s sweepstake giveaways include:

a. Players living in Idaho and Washington (the United States), as well as Quebec (Canada), are not eligible to receive sweepstakes.

b. Players that are not eligible to create customer accounts with the bookie or play with its gaming software are ineligible to participate in the sweepstakes giveaway.

c. The more you play sweepstakes games the more chances you have to win more Sweep Coins.

d. The bookie gives its customers Sweep Coins to use in playing sweepstakes games (that is, the promotional games).

Sweep Coins

A Sweep Coin is a type of virtual currency given to Chumba Casino’s players by the bookie as entries for promotional games (sweepstake games).

They are also used to play games in the Sweep Coin mode. But when won as prizes, Sweep Coins can be redeemed and withdrawn as cash.

The following terms and conditions guide Sweep Coins in Chumba Casino:

a. The bookie decides the number of times players can use a set of Sweep Coins to play games before they are converted to cash and withdrawn. Note that the games the coins should be played with are also specified.

b. Every given Sweep Coin expires 60 days after the date the customer that received it last logged into his customer account. This is to say that if you leave your account inactive for 60 days, the Sweep Coins you left there will expire.

c. You must win a minimum of 100 Sweep Coins before you can redeem them as prizes.

d. There is no maximum number of Sweep Coins that can be converted to cash.

e. Sweep Coins can be used to play games to win more Sweep Coins. Here, the won Sweep Coins are monetarily valued at $1 per Sweep Coin.

f. Only within the games played with the Sweep Coins can players win real prizes. You can find these games in the “Pay Table” or “Win Table” in your customer account.

How to Collect Sweep Coins

Remember that Sweep Coins are not sold; they are given by the bookie as a bonus or promo. However, there are four potential ways customers can receive Sweep Coins if they are deemed eligible. These are:

a. Sweep Coins can be given by the bookie as bonus for the purchase of Gold Coins. For you to enjoy this bonus, you must purchase more than a specified minimum amount or packs of Gold Coins.

Remember, Gold Coins are only used for recreational gameplay; they can never be used to win prizes.

b. Players can also receive Sweep Coins by participating in the Sweep Coins no-cost giveaway contests. This contest takes place every now and then on the bookie’s Facebook page.

c. Sweep Coins are also given as a daily bonus but players must log in to their accounts to claim this. This bonus can only be claimed by participants once a day.

d. Players can also receive Sweep Coins by making requests for them through the post. Here, the interested players have to send official requests, using postcards or request cards enclosed in well-addressed envelopes.

The sizes of the envelope, the postcard, and the request card as well as the expected contents of the request are specified in section 3.4 of the bookie’s Sweep Rules.

Customer Service

Chumba Casino has 24/7 customer care service that provides support for players. The customer service team can be reached through the bookie’s website.

Here, you have to visit the contact page, select an option from the request menu and fill the provided form. However, if you are not a registered customer, you cannot contact the bookie.

This is because you must provide the email address you used to register your Chumba Casino’s customer account before you can send the request.

This, therefore, makes it obvious that Chumba Casino does not entertain enquiries, suggestions, and/or complaints from non-registered visitors.

The bookie’s customers can also reach the customer service team through email, live chat, and Facebook fan walls. There is no phone number provided and the email address is not provided either. Finally, the live chat can only be done through Facebook, on special request.

Customer’s Review

Transparent and objective reviews of the services, products, and mode of operation of the bookie can be found on the Trustpilot’s website.

A link to these reviews is provided by the bookie on its website. Based on the customers’ reviews at the time of writing this, the casino was rated 4 stars.

The summary of the review shows 64% excellent, 7% great, 5% average, 3% poor, and 21% bad.

Complaints about the casino included delayed payments, technical problems while playing games, and exorbitant unexplained charges.

But the complements the bookie received included the ease to win prizes, quick payouts, supportive customer service, and exciting games.


Chumba Casino is a legit casino that is managed by competent and reputable company with a license.

The games also look interesting and the sweepstakes are worth the effort.

However, you need to remember that the casino, presently, serves only players from the United States (excluding Washington) and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Avoid using VPN to mask your location because you will be discovered and your account will be closed.

Finally, dig more about the reputation of the casino before going ahead to create a customer account there. Have fun.

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